Photographs By Geoffrey Martello

What’s better than going to Harvard but also being able to get away from Harvard? Currier’s small size, consistently lauded dining hall, and perfect Uber distance from the Square will make you feel like you have the best of both worlds.

10 Things You Didn't Know About Currier
By Clara Baselga-Garriga and Geoffrey Martello, Crimson Staff Writers

1. Currier House is named after Audrey Bruce Currier, a former student at Radcliffe College who was killed in a plane crash in 1967.
2. Each of the four towers - Tuchman, Bingham, Gilbert, and Daniels - is also named after a Radcliffe Alumna.
3. On top of being a super cool feminist house, famous Currierites include Caroline Kennedy, Yo-Yo Ma, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Alan Khazei, Paul Attanasio, Steve Ballmer, and Bill Gates.
4. On Housing Day, if dorm stormed by sexy-looking speedo-wearing humans, Currier is in your fate.
5. Try not to look down when (4) happens, since Currier House only has one main entrance and chances are you’ll encounter them again.
6. Currier makes up for their lack of doors by having the most kitchens on campus. 52 that is.
7. Aside from numerous kitchens, if you are stressed from all the superior food you are eating, you can always de-stress in the massage chair in the relaxation room.
8. When the weather is nice, Currier House has outdoor Steins, Kan-Jam, and water pong.
9. Currioke and backyard games Steins are coming up, so get excited if you get placed in Currier.
10. Their mascot is a tree!

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Currier Housing
By Clara Baselga-Garriga and Geoffrey Martello, Crimson Staff Writers

When it comes to living arrangements, if you get placed in Currier, you can forget about your cramped freshman dorm. Especially in Daniels Tower, most bedrooms are Jack and Jill style, which consists of two massive singles connected by a sink room. You’ll still have to deal with a floor bathroom, but having a sink to yourself (plus a sink buddy from your blocking group) makes things a lot easier before bedtime. Currier also has the famous “Ten-Man”, a senior suite with 10 single bedrooms and three full bathrooms surrounding the largest in-suite common room at Harvard. To give you an idea, “The Ten Man” serves as the second floor of Currier’s Halloween Party, Heaven and Hell. Currier also has the Solarium Rooms. These rooms are three penthouse balconies in Gilbert, Bingham, and Tuchman, and are great places to throw parties for the House or clubs.


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Currier Community
By Clara Baselga-Garriga and Geoffrey Martello, Crimson Staff Writers

Currier House's mascot is a tree, which is representative of the strong roots of the community. If you believe that being in the Quad may be the end of your social life, you haven’t been to the Currier Dining Hall. Like the saying “all roads lead to Rome,” in Currier, all roads lead to the Dining Hall. Aside from its central location, Currier Dining Hall does not close between meals and is open an hour later than others on campus, making it the hotspot for meeting up. Currier House even has a table dedicated to making new friends, a perfect way to meet your new Housemates. If that’s not enough, Currier Tree Friends, the freshman-upperclassman pairing program, promises to offer you a glimpse into life in your new home.


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Currier: Your Questions, Answered
By Clara Baselga-Garriga and Geoffrey Martello, Crimson Staff Writers

What is one thing you want freshmen to know about your house?
Katharine Barton \'17 (HoCo chair): The way the House is set up makes it so you see people constantly, and the Tutors and House staff are welcoming and accommodating. There is even a table in the dhall dedicated to making new friends at meal times.

If you had to liken your house to a fruit, what fruit would it be and why?
Barton: "Currier is like a tomato—most people don’t acknowledge it (as a fruit), but it’s a truly beautiful thing."

Can you about your house community/house spirit?
Currier House has a "don\'t tread on me" vibe. There isn’t a cheerleader spirit, but there is a fierce loyalty that only Currierites can understand.

What is your best memory relating to house?
Barton’s favorite memories of Currier are the countless times she has bumped into familiar and unfamiliar people in the Dhall and made conversations lasting hours when she only budgeted a few moments. Truly a House community.

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