Photographs By Gregory B. Johnston

There's a lot more to Leverett House than its newly renovated spaces and squad of rabbits, who seem to always come out on the Tower’s lawn every night at dusk. Famous for its Monkey Bread, weekly “Not Just Sherry Hour,” annual “Donut Bash,” and rabbit-related imagery, there is never a dull moment in Leverett House. With the largest student population on campus, Lev promises a community with House pride on the rise and you don’t want to miss out.

10 Things You Didn't Know About Leverett
By Betty Anne Richardson, Crimson Staff Writer

1. Leverett House has the largest student population on campus.
2. Lev’s McKinlock Hall was the second to be renovated under Harvard’s House renewal initiative, which restored and reconfigured common areas and suites.
3. Yo Yo Ma was a music tutor for Leverett House.
4. Leverett has been known to host many distinguished guests throughout the years, including W.B. Yeats, T.S. Eliot, Robert Frost, and Malcolm X.
5. Leverett’s own Jeremy Lin not only made his way to the NBA, but also starred on Lev’s IM Flag Football team, where he and his team beat Winthrop House in the 2009. intramural flag football championship.
6. Howard and Anne Georgi (better known by their nicknames “Chief” and “Coach”), the Faculty Deans, are known to memorize the names of every student on Housing Day
7. “Chief” has also been known to grow out his beard while Leverett continues IM success.
8. Leverett House takes a lot of pride in its loving mascot—the rabbit.
9. Speaking of the Lev bunny, Leverett’s mascot was inspired by the word “leveret,” which apparently means “young hare.”
10. Last week, Chief and Coach rented a bouncy castle, which they put in Lev dhall. Unfortunately, this is not a permanent installation, but we all can dream.

Leverett Housing
By Betty Anne Richardson, Crimson Staff Writer

With options in Lev towers, Dewolfe, and the newly renovated McKinlock Hall, Leverett boasts many different housing options, from suites and singles to apartment-style living. Lev’s F and G towers offer large rooms with natural lighting and great views of the Charles, while McKinlock, with its modern renovations, offers a warm and homey environment. Even better, rising sophomores get to pick their rooms before they leave for the summer, which is awesome.

Double in Leverett House
A sophomore double in Leverett House

Leverett Community
By Betty Anne Richardson, Crimson Staff Writer

According to Celeste M. Mendoza ’17, one of Leverett’s HoCo chairs and a Crimson news executive, Lev House spirit is really on the rise. With the largest student population of any Harvard residential House, Lev might seem intimidating, but many Leverites find it comforting to belong to such a diverse community, where you’ll always be able to count on a Leverett friend in one of your classes or clubs.

JCR in Leverett House
The Junior Common Room in Leverett House

Leverett House was actually the first to implement Community Night, which has become a great tradition where students and faculty alike can come together to enjoy friends and good food. At bi-weekly Open Houses, Leverites enjoy their famous Monkey Bread and other treats, and once a week at “Not Just Sherry Hour,” Leverett students have wine, port, and sherry (for those who are 21+, of course) in the Faculty Deans’ residence. At the end of Reading Period, Leverett House hosts a “Donut Bash” with all-you-can-eat donuts. Plus, Lev hosts brain break during Physics Night every Wednesday in the dining hall, where you can always find endless cookies and brownies.

Leverett: Your Questions, Answered
By Betty Anne Richardson, Crimson Staff Writer

What should freshmen who get Lev House look forward to?
Mendoza: "Lev has a lot of rich traditions, which you’ll all get a taste of really soon, but we’re also planning a lot of new events that we think will everyone will love. Also our new Housing Day swag is pretty sweet."

Where are the best hangout spots?
Mendoza: "Rabbit Hole (in basement of McKinlock), the foosball tables in the lobby, dhall, by the fireplace in the JCR"

Does Lev have party suites?
Mendoza: "There are tons of parties in the towers, especially in the suites with huge common rooms. The new duplexes in McKinlock have also been host to some fun ragers this year."

If you had to liken your house to a fruit, what fruit would it be and why?
Mendoza: "Pear? (Classic, though sometimes overlooked. Also never disappoints and is green which is appropriate.)"