Jasmine Griffin ’15 and Michael J. Burton
Jasmine Griffin ’15 and Michael J. Burton
By Laura K. Reston, Crimson Staff Writer

Concentration: Applied Mathematics

House: Mather\r\n

Hometowns: Centennial, CO and North Salt Lake, UT\r\n

Dating since: April 2014\r\n

Where you met: The [Latter Day Saints] Church congregation in Boston\r\n

When you got engaged and married: Engaged in January 2015, married in May 2015\r\n


Most memorable date: On our first date, we went to the [Museum of Fine Arts] on a double date. Michael prepared a picture scavenger hunt with only pictures of paintings, and we raced the other couple to find each painting in the museum and take a picture in front posing the same way as the subjects of the paintings. We worked together seamlessly, and came away the quicker of the couples.\r\n

Three words to describe yourselves as a couple: Laughter, teamwork, and long walks\r\n

What your friends would say about you: People always tell us they can tell when we’re close by, because you can hear our laughter from rooms away. They also say we complete each other (or rather, have started to completely become each other over time). At our wedding luncheon, one of my roommates remarked “you’re even starting to laugh like each other!”\r\n

Something you’ve always wanted to tell people: We’ve discovered that relationships are the most important things in this life: our relationship with our families, our friends, and with God.\r\n

An anecdote that captures your relationship: After going to all-you-can eat sushi for lunch, as we were walking back to Mather, Michael stopped me and asked if we could make a surprise stop. As we turned the corner of JFK and Mt. Auburn, he slipped into the flower shop and spontaneously bought me a beautiful bouquet of pink tulips! The flowers sat on my window sill for a week, bringing a huge smile to my face as I remembered the spontaneous surprise each time I saw them.\r\n

In 15 minutes you are: Cleaning up wrapping paper from the wedding gifts we just opened\r\n

In 15 years you are: Somewhere in California, playing with our children, designing military aircraft, and still laughing just as hard\r\n

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