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A Decade of Decadence: Arts of the '70s

I T WOULD HAVE BEEN so much easier to write about the '60s. Perhaps because so many hitherto unquestioned taboos

Pity Aristophanes

Y OU KNOW THERE'S going to be trouble when the director of a show says to you as you come

Driftwood of the '70s

T HE LONG-AWAITED double album upon which Warner Brothers has been banking its recently sagging fortunes will probably enrich the

25 Years of Over-Achieving

When the 107 returning members of the Radcliffe Class of 1954 arrive at Comstock Hall Wednesday afternoon to embark upon

Ol' Man River

There'll be pinatas and puppeteers, murals and magicians, balloons and bluegrass, choreographed searchlights, Chinese dragon boat races, and even a

Dancing the Night Away

Of all art forms, dance has experienced perhaps the greatest growth during the past decade. The bold experiments in modern

The Children's Crusade

Some feel that the issue of children's rights will become the civil rights movement of the '80s. It's doubtful, since

A Man of Wit and Wisdom

He walks in with a wisecrack. Neither the intellectual pomp inherent in the lecture format, nor the stolid, somber Eliot

Dunster Goes West, Young Man

They came in bathing suits and flowing white gowns, with palm fronds in their hair and leis around their necks.

Nation's Voters Slash Taxes, Reject Betting

Around the nation yesterday voters endorsed proposals to limit taxes or spending in five states, rejected propositions to extend legal

A Tradition In Lamont

As much a Harvard tradition as Mr. Test, Frank Corliss '27 is not half so elusive. Students see him more

Dartmouth Parody of Crimson Evokes Boredom, Fools None

The jolly green dwarfs from up north will do anything to win a football game. When the glorious Crimson sent

Good Question

I T WAS PERHAPS INEVITABLE that a women's college in the shadow of a major men's university could not hope

Kermode, Norton Lecturer, Decries Secrecy in Literature

Literary interpretation employs secrecy and trickery in its attempt to comprehend an unfollowable world, Frank Kermode told a crowd of

Southwestern Recruiting Again For Summer Book Salesmen

Harvard students who have sold books for the Southwestern Publishing Company in past summers will be recruiting undergraduates again this