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W HEN ASKED HOW his new costume--a beaded, bangled confection--feels, the young Nijinsky replies, "It weighs a ton." So does

A Ripping Good Time

L ONDON, 1893. Giggling, sashaying, more than a little drunk, a prostitute makes arrangements with a gentleman off-screen. At his

The Best of all Possible Locations... ...Pinball's Better in a Fishbowl

In staging his 1974 musical version of Candide, director Hal Prince completely tore apart and re-arranged a New York theater

King Arthur in the Union

Today regarded as an American musical classic, Lerner and Lowe's Camelot met with a less-than-enthusiastic reception from critics when it

Not So Simple Simon

A BOUT FIVE MINUTES into Chapter Two the hero breaks into tears. There's nothing extraordinary about such behavior--except that Chapter

'Listening In' on 'Children;' Week II for Chapter II

Director Scott Goldsmith describes Out of the Reach of Children as an evening of "musical impressions" rather than a musical.

A Man of Wit and Wisdom

He walks in with a wisecrack. Neither the intellectual pomp inherent in the lecture format, nor the stolid, somber Eliot

Simon at the Shubert and Spies at the Pudding

Approximately five minutes after Chapter II begins, the hero breaks into tears. Nothing extraordinary about such behavior--except that Chapter II

Up in Arms and Out to Lunch

'Tis the season to be studious. The papers you have to write and the texts you haven't read are enough

Pretty Maids All in a Row

Debutante, n. [from the French debut, or beginning]: a young woman making her formal entrance into society. The phenomenon of

Edgar Bergen Is Still Dead

M AGIC RESEMBLES A bad magician's act -- the skilled hands at work simply lack the ability to generate suspense

An Actor's Actress

Marian Seldes sweeps into the lobby of Houghton-Mifflin. We greet each other; I introduce the Crimson photographer at my side.

Ladies and Gentlemen: Guys and Dolls

To quote Kiss Me, Kate : "another op'ning, another show." Actually, two openings this week. And the other offerings are

A Life on the Stage

Long before she saw her first play, Marian Seldes knew she would become an actress. She knew as a six-year-old

A Core for the Connoisseur

Go see a movie. Strange words to read in a theatre column. But even your intrepid reporter is dismayed by