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Mather-Kirkland House

In the midst of a vicious interhouse war involving the dastardly distribution of dead fish in doordrops and the nefarious



Happy Harvard clubbers have Steve Frumin to thank for their late night festivities

The Party Czar

It’s Monday night at fair Harvard. Typically, the biggest weeknight soirees on campus are Ec 10 study sessions in the

The Chickwich Challenge

For centuries, men have pushed themselves to the brutal boundaries of their powers, striving to fulfill the savage desire to

Getting The Party Started

The night has finally come. After a summer’s worth of legwork, the boys of 7 Promotions, a blocking group comprised

War Profiles: James J. "Jimmy" Adamouski, Captain, U.S. Army

Army Captain James F. “Jimmy” Adamouski, who was scheduled to enter Harvard Business School (HBS) this fall, was killed in

A Place to Break (Homemade) Bread

With its imposing decor and Kodak-moment perfection, Annenberg holds more appeal for gawking tourists than hungry first-years. Nevertheless, most Yardlings

‘Man Band’ Rocks Pfoho, Lip-Syncs

It happened for Backstreet, it happened for *NSync, and it happened for O-Town in front of millions on ABC’s “Making

Harvard-Bound Soldier in Iraq Dies in Helicopter Crash

Army Captain James F. “Jimmy” Adamouski, who planned to enter Harvard Business School (HBS) this fall, was killed in a

Diff'rent Strokes

At first glance, Pforzheimer’s Meat Locker doesn’t seem like a mecca for Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The walls are laden with cutouts

For The Love of The Pre-Game E-Mail

Intramural (IM) sports at Harvard bring out the best and the worst from their participants. Bruises, black eyes as well

Class of 2007 Sets Records

The College announced yesterday that the Class of 2007 faced a record-low admissions rate of 9.8 percent—and that a record-high

Harvard Is Where the Heart Is

America is... Budweiser and fried food; liberal undergraduate education and cushy investment banking jobs. For Harvard’s international students, the magnetism



In the narrow, college-admissions sense of the word, legacy means family history advantageously intertwined with one’s alma mater. FM expands


Legacy: The First Generation

Rebekah L. Crooks ’05 realized how different her background was from many Harvard students in an economics class last year.