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End of the Road

Sitting in the Kirkland dining hall last Thursday, I divulged to a friend (with barely repressed excitement) that I would


Hollywood Blackout

It has been 50 years since Edmund H. North, then a young member of the Writers Guild of America (WGA),


Money Talks

With the McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform bill finally up for debate in the Senate next week, the nation's attention has


Not Easy Being Green

In a presidential campaign where the candidates were often criticized for being virtually indistinguishable from one another, there was one


Pardon Me Please?

Former president Clinton swept out of office last month in a whirlwind eerily akin to the one he deposited on

Taking the (Web) Test

In the cold light of a slushy Boston winter, the first reading/exam period of the new millennium is finally drawing


Packaging the Presidency

Ahh, wintertime. In our materialistic society, 'tis the season for conspicuous consumption. As the leaves crunch underfoot and the air


Only Ourselves to Blame

Fear not: This column will in no way attempt to lend significance to the sound and fury currently emanating from


Cooking Up A Storm

On Sunday, as the clanging of the radiators shook Harvard students from their sleep with the announcement that another brutally


Barlet for President in 2000

As a pseudo-New Yorker and an American of voting age, public television this Tuesday night should have been nothing less


Rethinking the Abortion Pill

Last Thursday, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) made the landmark decision to approve RU-486--otherwise known as "mifepristone"--for use in

No Need for High-Tech Courts

Microsoft's carefully crafted appeal of the federal antitrust case decided against the company earlier this year resembled nothing so much

A Maligned, but Useful, Service

PRINCETON JUNCTION, N.J.--Flipping through Time Magazine last week, I came across a headline that jeered, "Who Needs Lawyers?" The story

When Women Are At Stake

History does repeat itself: once again, the Anti-Federalists are dictating American legislative policy. From within their hallowed chambers, the Rehnquist


All Quiet on the Financial Front

The late-breaking news on Friday read like a series of dispatches from the front lines. There were horrified first-hand accounts