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Radcliffe Freshman Leads Full Day--Six Dates

One morning in 1878 President Eliot found a letter on his desk from one Arthur Gilman, a Cambridge historian. "Dear

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Do we dare tell you? It takes courage to face them, to step up confidently with a bright new idea--an

Vest Vital to Fat, Pocketless Men; Buttons Revived

". . . but be it for buttons, many stomachs would tumble out." Thus wrote a perceptive London tailor in

Radcliffe Girl Emphasizes Femininity In Switch From "Sloppy-Joe" Style

Pearls will be worn--not only for social functions, but to dress up a sweater and skirt for classroom wear. What's

New Clinging Stocking Fabric May Revolutionize Indusry

The 'Cliffedweller may be in for a drastic change in her stocking were if a new fabric, Nylon Georgette, catches

It's A Cinch--The Hottest Seller on the Market

The Radcliffe girl has pulled herself together. The days of the underslung sweater and doubtful waistline are over and, in