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Guignol's Band

New Directions has just published a translation of Guignol's Band, third novel of Louis-Ferdinand Celine. This contemporary French author is

"Babylon Revisited"

With only eight days to work and ten dollars to spend, the Harvard Dramatic Club opened its series of original

AFROTC Revises Policy To Favor Flight Cadets

The Air Force took a major step towards cutting the number of students in advanced AFROTC courses yesterday as Air

Air Force Rules ROTC Free from 3-Year Duty

Air force ROTC reserve commissions took on a silver lining last night when the Pentagon verified reports that all non-ROTC

Employees Knock Univ. For Pension Reduction

Backed by a storm of angry janitors and maintenance men, local union officials yesterday charged the University with breaking employee-management

Linguistics Head Blasts Language Departments

Lashing out at what he calls the "vested interests" of the language departments, Joshua Whatmough, chairman of the Department of

Faculty Favors General By 81 Votes in Canvass

The Harvard faculty likes Ike by more than 4 to 3. In response to a CRIMSON poll the permanent faculty

Council Asks Reopening Of Parietal Rules Issue

The Student Council revealed last night it has asked Dean Leighton for a complete revision of the present College parietal

Radcliffe Freshman Leads Full Day--Six Dates

One morning in 1878 President Eliot found a letter on his desk from one Arthur Gilman, a Cambridge historian. "Dear

Alcohol Craze Upsets F allFashions With Chic 'Dress to Drink' Spree

Do we dare tell you? It takes courage to face them, to step up confidently with a bright new idea--an

New Clinging Stocking Fabric May Revolutionize Indusry

The 'Cliffedweller may be in for a drastic change in her stocking were if a new fabric, Nylon Georgette, catches

Radcliffe Girl Emphasizes Femininity In Switch From "Sloppy-Joe" Style

Pearls will be worn--not only for social functions, but to dress up a sweater and skirt for classroom wear. What's

Vest Vital to Fat, Pocketless Men; Buttons Revived

". . . but be it for buttons, many stomachs would tumble out." Thus wrote a perceptive London tailor in

It's A Cinch--The Hottest Seller on the Market

The Radcliffe girl has pulled herself together. The days of the underslung sweater and doubtful waistline are over and, in

Council Torpedoes New Combined Charities List

In a noisy four hour meeting the Student Council remodeled the Combined Charities card last night. One member described the