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The Senior List

This year was to be my opportunity to do everything I wished I had done at Harvard that had somehow

Many ’08 grads head for finance and consulting

Two out of five Harvard seniors entering the workforce will flock to lucrative jobs in business, consulting, and finance after

Honor Kennedy at Commencement

The following op-ed is an online extra that will appear in a print edition of The Crimson the week of

Extra, Extra?

“Oh, you go to Harvard?” the women on the train next to me asked. “Did you hear about the gym

How to Enjoy Your Classes

Far too many Harvard students find themselves in an agonizing situation on study card day: they have to choose between

Lessons of Darkness

End Standard Time This past week has been unusually depressing. No—it’s not midterms, stress, or the dry weather that leaves

Retain Legacy Preference

Giving legacy applicants an extra glance—effectively what Harvard’s current practices amount to—has clear benefits in terms of alumni giving and

Raise the Signature Bar

Given the $400 campaign budget and the ruckus that engulfs the campus every December, one might expect that becoming a