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Graduation is Not a Commodity

When we walk across the stage to get our diplomas at Commencement, we celebrate our entire Harvard experience: an experience

Exit Gross

THE MAGIC OF GROSS Undergraduates and University administrators live in very separate worlds. Few Harvard students ever experience the inner

There Once Was a Base…

For the past six weeks I have been living on a military base. I am protected by police cars patrolling

Retain Legacy Preference

Giving legacy applicants an extra glance—effectively what Harvard’s current practices amount to—has clear benefits in terms of alumni giving and

Overcoming Glossophobia

Since the days of Cicero, the ability to speak eloquently in public and argue persuasively with others has been a

The Stuff They Carry

If Harvard has a center, it is surely the Yard. The Yard is where most students go at least once

The Need for an Introduction

Want to act? Write? Paint? Unless you’re already Picasso, Harvard is not the place for you. Many schools have extensive

Cook’s Comic Outlook Lightens Silver Screen

When one looks at comedy today, Dane Cook’s shadow looms large. TIME Magazine named him one of the 100 Most