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Turning a New Page

Dean of the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study Drew Gilpin Faust will be the 28th person, and the first female,


Continuing its coverage of the wide world of robosports, Fifteen Minutes brings you a preview of the wildly anticipated RoboCup

Steven Pinker “Eats Shit All Day”; He Is Also a Monkey

Steven Pinker and Jane Goodall love gooey treats. According to research assistant Fiery A. Cushman ’03, “Marshmallows are bar-none their

Pushing the Culinary Barrier

While eating a tofurkey sandwich one day in London, Mark L. Nuckols had a brilliant idea. “If you can make

No. 5: The Best Dinner Parties

“An ordinary evening can turn into an extraordinary exchange,” says Rothenberg Professor of English and American Literature and Language Homi

Old Girls’ Club

“We—the social queens of Radcliffe, in order to form a pure perfect union of congenial spirits, to establish freedom of