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Class of 2013 will be first to fall under mandatory Gen Ed

Current freshmen and sophomores will most likely graduate under the Core Curriculum, the professor in charge of implementing its replacement

Dean Stands on Business Smarts

Michael D. Smith faced more than a difficult market when he moved into the basement of his wife’s brokerage firm

Faculty Meetings Stay Off the Air

CORRECTION APPENDED Radio fans may be disappointed at the frequency at which the Faculty of Arts of Sciences will broadcast

Gen Ed Transition Plans Take Shape

The 29-year reign of Harvard’s Core Curriculum is coming to a close—just how and when will likely become clear by

The Trusted Few

Trust us. After four years, voluminous reports, and clamorous debate, Harvard’s third dean of the Faculty in 11 months asked

The News in Brief: Professor Louis Menand to take a year-long sabbatical following the completion of curricular review

After four years at Harvard, English professor Louis Menand—a mastermind behind the general education program that will replace the Core

Faust Taps Smith To Lead Faculty

After a year and a half without a permanent leader, the Faculty of Arts and Sciences finally has one. Michael

In Face of Reagan Cuts, Low-Income Admissions Drop

Harvard had to dig deeper into its waiting list in 1982 than it had in a decade. Despite a years-long

'82 Study Finds Segregation

CORRECTION APPENDED Gone are the days when Adams served as a haven for gay students, Currier magnetized black students, and