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Noble Lies

Whatever the benefits of affirmative action, one undeniable downside is the element of disrespect it introduces onto our campus. This

Pass The Shears, Please

Now that we have a female president, must we also have flowers in Harvard Yard? The association between gender and

Wind, Sand, and Stars

To suffer from wanderlust is to be in the thrall of travel, to have an itch to get out and

Awareness, My Arse

A breast cancer awareness campaign this week plunged the campus into fertile discussion. “Big or Small, Save ‘Em All,” the

The Virtue We Forgot

It was, despite everything, a tepid sort of rebellion. The Undergraduate Council (UC) president appeared on dais, invited, as requested,

Bain and Suffering

By my count, there have been at least 35 op-eds written in recent weeks comparing the United States to the

Dr. Counter Must Apologize

This article appeared on the Web on May 21, 2007 and in the print edition on May 23, 2007. On

Rock On, Brother West

After the stunning success of his first spoken word album, Cornel West has decided to release a second. God help


The Crimson’s editorial board puts its slightly scuffed crystal ball to work. Michael B. Broukhim ’07 Editorial chair Drew Gilpin

The Campus That Cried ‘Wolf’

Accuse Harvard of racism, and you fall in a long and undistinguished lineage. When Derek Bok rejected quotas for faculty

The University Is a Drama Queen

“They did not take me in the Army,” Woody Allen used to say. “I was, um, interestingly enough, I was,

The Men of Lamont

The fifth floor men's room in Lamont Library has been closed for repairs since last week, and the circumstances are

The Meta-Electives Club

Bass Professor of English and American Literature and Language Louis Menand may be a scholar of pragmatism, but the General

An Infusion of Emerson

Henry Stimson knew a thing or two about excellence. A graduate of Andover and Yale, he was a famed lawyer,

Dismally Yours

The creation of “The Market and Society” component is quite unnecessary. It would represent the undue prioritization of the discipline