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Miroir Noir

It’s night, and Arcade Fire frontman Win Butler sits alone in the backseat (appropriate!) of a moving taxi. He’s singing

Off Harvard Time

The teachings of Harvard are manifold. We are all student snowflakes: we each leave having learned a unique set of


At the end of “Notorious,” Voletta Wallace comes to grips with the death of her son, Christopher. “I find solace

POPSCREEN: Hoobastank

I’ve been playing a lot of “Rock Band” lately, and without a doubt, the dumbest part of that video game

Four Theses I Wish I were Writing

Psychology I Know All About That: Epistemology and Identity in the Works of T.I. Primary sources: “U Don’t Know Me,”

Kanye West

In 1979, Lester Bangs wrote, “These are mutant times, and Talking Heads are the most human of mutant groups.” Give


Once, Ne-Yo was a dude’s dude. Insofar as is possible for any falsetto-reliant R&B balladeer, he was a bro. He

Of Beards and Beers

PORTLAND, Ore. — Tracing this story back to its beginning means tracing my beard back to its wispy roots. They

Tough Task for New A.R.T. Head

The first role Diane M. Paulus ’87 ever landed at Harvard was Portia in a Cabot House production of “The