Summer Postcards 2008

Finance in the Third World

PHNOM PENH, Cambodia — Maddox Jolie-Pitt and landmines. That was pretty much the extent of my knowledge about this exotic

A Walk Past the White House

WASHINGTON — A small group of kids curiously approach a poster of maimed infants entitled, “Children of the Gulf War.”

An Inescapable History

NEW YORK — The recent parade of current and former Bush administration officials through Congress has offered each ignoble public

China's Forgotten People

ERDOS CITY, China — Am I really here? The question that has so far defined my time in China never


BARCELONA, Spain — On the first night of my summer study abroad program, our teaching fellow led 15 jet-lagged Harvard


NAPERVILLE, Ill. — The field behind my childhood home is hardly pastoral. It exists out of necessity: its long and

Giving 'Em Heller

WASHINGTON — "Don't say my name out loud." That's the first thing Dick Heller told me as we stood outside

100 Percent of Both

ACCRA, Ghana — According to a select group of hormonal Ghanaian men, I am the promised land of sex and

Going to Stay

LONDON — When I arrived here this summer, I expected to experience the same degree of culture shock I felt


SAINT PAUL, Minnesota — I am not a writer. Yet, somehow, I’ve found myself in the press office of the

Pot of Gold

Rózan, Poland — Aside from a few stores that marked Independence Day with sales of American-themed items, consisting mostly of

Of Beards and Beers

PORTLAND, Ore. — Tracing this story back to its beginning means tracing my beard back to its wispy roots. They

A Life of Crime

“The way I see it, living in New Jersey is a challenge, what with the toxic waste and the eighteen-wheelers

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