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Guns N' Roses

The name Guns N’ Roses is a hex, a curse; synonymous with dysfunction, collapse, and eternal damnation—the Voldemort of the

"Quantum of Solace"

“There is something horribly efficient about you,” Camille (Olga Kurylenko) says to a certain British spy halfway through “Quantum of


Throughout the years, Metallica has managed to remain heavily invested in metal while earning devoted fans outside of 17-year-old Nietzscheans

Going to Stay

LONDON — When I arrived here this summer, I expected to experience the same degree of culture shock I felt


The purpose of a documentary—and, some would hold, of art in general—is to make plain the unclear. “Secrecy,” the new


CORRECTION APPENDED Anthony Bourdain, “No Reservations” The original bad boy celebrity chef (yes, we have those), Anthony Bourdain rose to

We Own The Night

Although “We Own the Night” is set in a stark, drab New York City of 1988, it is unmistakably a

A City of Strangers

There is no such thing as darkness in New York City. Always, streetlamps and headlights edge their lambent glows into