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Joshua S. Downer ’09 and Taylor M. Owings ’08

The first time that Joshua S. Downer ’09 called Taylor M. Owings ’08 his girlfriend, he was wearing a “redneck

Katherine G. Mims ’09 and Mark E. Crocker ’09

For one couple, the basement of The Fox is about more than just dance parties or drinking games. During reading

Election Commission Suspends Flores Campaign

The campaign of Andrea R. Flores ’10 and Kia J. McLeod ’10 for the Undergraduate Council’s top two spots was


BARCELONA, Spain — On the first night of my summer study abroad program, our teaching fellow led 15 jet-lagged Harvard

Bill Richardson Talks Elections and Iraq

New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, a former Democratic presidential candidate, had his brain picked by Institute of Politics fellow David

Sundquist To Join Ad Board Review

Undergraduate Council President Matthew L. Sundquist ’09 has been selected as the only student representative on the College’s committee charged

A Delicate Dance

Former Undergraduate Council President Paul A. Gusmorino ’02 was known for his close relationships with administrators. “With Paul in office