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New Lowell in the Snow 2019

Faculty Deans: What On Earth Do They Do?

It’s not about you, but about students. Above all, it is based on a deep belief in Harvard’s residential House system where the tree of learning and the tree of life grow together.


Harvard's Throwback Thursdays

Despite all that has changed in the past decades, the final clubs have not fundamentally changed, even though they have attempted to be more racially and culturally inclusive.


Letter to the Editor

We affirm our confidence in the leadership and the integrity of Dean Hammonds.


James Russell Lowell by Daniel Chester French

It is my hope that those who toppled this bronze bust will come forward to amend this act and offer compensation to have the bust restored to its place.


9/11 and These Ten Years: A Faculty Reflection

How would a student of religion, like me, even begin to track the depth of questioning, the response, the doubt, the fear?


Harvard on the Half-Shell

Among the many places in the University where Peter Gomes will be missed is Lowell House, where he was a member of the Senior Common Room for four decades.

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Gandhi in Egypt

Gandhi’s South African campaigns experimented with tactics of civil disobedience that he would later use in India.

Op Eds

Interfaith at Ground Zero

Now more than ever, we need a new era of convivencia—especially here in the U.S.

The Bucket Brigade

Come join the bucket brigade. If you are a graduate of Harvard College or any of the schools of the

Five Reasons for Reason and Faith

When the latest general education report was released last week, the world’s Harvard-watchers focused intently upon the report’s most unorthodox