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Virginia Is For Others

My home state of Virginia has become something of a Holy Grail for Democrats in the upcoming national election, but

Cambridge Is Not Expanding

In a classic vignette from Annie Hall, Woody Allen recalls a farcical episode from his childhood where his mother drags

Mourning Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Russian novelist and dissident, Alexander Solzhenitsyn, died last month at the age of 89. A celebrated author, his series of


Puritanical America, J’Accuse!

French President Nicolas Sarkozy—renegade Gallic right-winger and scourge of les pouvoirs-qui-sont —campaigned on an image as the ruthless reformer of

The End of an Era

William F. Buckley, the majestic patriarch of modern American conservatism, died yesterday at the genteel old age of 82. He

A Time For Glory

Oh, the dilemma. As I loitered in the Dunster House Common Room for the final innings of game four, surrounded

TOME RAIDER: Contingency, Irony, and Solidarity

It is sadly common enough for students of literature who harbor a passion for philosophy to find their curiosity rebuffed

Life Kills

Terrorism, it turns out, is a many-headed beast. A raving, hirsute lunatic making tiresome home-videos in his medieval cave has

An American Patriot in Paris

Spending the Fourth of July in France is an eerie phenomenon for an American, disquieting in its silence, its indifference,

The Truth in Progress

Even among soi-disant “progressives,” the idea of progress is out of vogue these days, either written off as a relic

Pure Evil

Evil, at its worst, is ineffable. In the weeks and months to come, yesterday’s cold-blooded shooting rampage at Virginia Tech

Playing House

PINING FOR THE QUAD I have been struggling with this for weeks. I have listened to my friends joke about

Hanged, Drawn, and Sectioned

There comes a time in the desultory career of every Harvard student when he realizes that section really, really sucks.

Confessions of a Bubble Boy

Hello, my name is David Golding, and I live in a bubble. That’s right. You know all the nasty names

High Achievers

Hypocrisy is hardly foreign to Harvard University, yet I still find it ironic and somewhat disconcerting that so many Harvard