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Fishburne Draws Crowd to Sanders

CORRECTION APPENDED Actor and activist Laurence Fishburne and dozens of student groups dazzled more than 1,000 people in a colorful

For Some, Final Free Exam Period

For most Harvard students, intersession has already begun: their remaining responsibilities include planning vacations and gloating to unlucky roommates with

Spirited Petersen Soaks in UC Victory

Making up for lost time, Ryan A. Petersen ’08 was celebrating before he found out he was going to be

Business School Professor Dies at 90

EDITOR'S NOTE Robert N. Anthony, the Walker professor of management controls emeritus at Harvard Business School (HBS), died last week

Mower, you say? Sorry, we don’t serve that here

Weld had JFK. Hollis had Emerson. Wigglesworth had Bill Gates. At a place like Harvard, history—and who was pre-gaming in

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Petersen Pushes for Student Advocacy

When a frazzled-looking girl opens her door to face Undergraduate Council (UC) presidential hopeful Ryan A. Petersen ’08, he excuses

Gene Implicated in Fighting Styles

In the battle of the sexes, one gene may explain differences in male and female fighting styles, a Harvard Medical

Panel Debates Curricular Overhaul

A prominent Harvard history professor charged yesterday that a preliminary curriculum proposed by the Task Force on General Education would

Study: Users Hide Herbal Drugs

The combination of non-vitamin dietary supplements and prescription medicines is often dangerous, but many patients fail to inform their healthcare

Paralyzed Alum Invigorates N.Y. Race

Democratic candidate for New York State Senate Brooke M. Ellison ’00, one of the many Harvard alums seeking political office

Amanpour Debuts Pearl Film at KSG

CNN’s chief international correspondent Christiane Amanpour introduced a new HBO documentary to a packed John F. Kennedy Jr. Forum last