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Profs Call for Study Of Past in Gen Ed

At least 35 professors are backing an amendment that would explicitly include “the study of the past” in the legislation

Social Science Profs Question Gen Ed

While goodwill prevailed toward the General Education report at Tuesday’s Faculty meeting, members of some departments are still calling for

Green Harvard Makes the Grade

First semester grades are in for environmental sustainability, and Harvard got an A-. To be specific, the Sustainable Endowments Institute

Avian Flu Would Hit Hardest in 3rd World

If avian flu were to develop into a pandemic as deadly as the 1918 Spanish flu, it would cause about

Say 'Hi,' It's a Hello Holiday

Holidays can be exhausting, often requiring long travel times and arduous hours in the kitchen. But today is one holiday

Students Gather For Gaza Vigil

Several dozen students held a silent vigil on the steps of Memorial Hall yesterday to honor civilians killed in the