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For The Moment

Try Out! The Real World

Like any good Harvard students, we had a dream—to be on reality television. And so last Saturday we headed to ...


Chilling Out: European Style

With some “Harold and Kumar”-type fantasy and a vague desire to find out what stroopwafels were, I booked a last-minute ...

For The Moment

Cover Your Eyes: The Return of Diamond Mag

If there one’s thing I believe—besides the fact that the music video to Taylor Swift’s “You Belong with Me” is ...

Three Things I Hate About You, Reading Period

Reading period? Drinking period? Catching up on Gossip Girl period? No matter how you roll during these next couple of

Pathetically Peppy?

Here’s something you probably don’t know: Harvard has a (not so shitty!) men’s hockey team. I recently found myself at

Confessions of an HSM Addict, A Misplaced Endpaper

“Oh my God. Oh my God. I cannot believe my eyes right now. I. Cannot. Believe. My. Eyes.” The five

Dining Decorum

For most boys it only takes 13 years to become a man. For John Harvard, it took 401. The extra

I Don't Want Your PRS Clicker & I Don't Have a Stamp

I love e-mail. I read pretty much every e-mail I get. That request you sent out for a Science B-35

En Garde, World

Walk past the front desk of the MAC. Take a left through the doors, walk down an office-filled hallway, and

Love it: Diamond Magazine

Alright, I know I’m not winning myself any popularity with this stance. But I’m not arguing on behalf of porn

Chickwich Challenge!

It was a struggle for everlasting glory and honor, a fight to the death. The task was simple: Eat twelve

15 Questions with Raekwon of The Wu-Tang Clan

Hey Gavin, we hope you don’t wanna be the only one in the spotlight, because you’re going to be sharing

Hate It: Dating

I would say I hate the Harvard dating scene, but I’m as skeptical that it actually exists as I am

15 People FM Wants to See Streak at Harvard-Yale

The only thing more upsetting to watch than Harvard getting owned at last year’s Harvard-Yale football game was the naked

15 Things the Dog Told the Shrink

It seems that President Faust and Ellen Degeneres have more in common than their trendy pixie haircuts—both have serious doggie