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Similar Venom Found in Two Species

Reptiles and mammals may represent different classes in the animal kingdom, but researchers in the Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology have found that similar molecular changes cause both a lizard and a shrew to produce a toxin—a discovery that may shed light on similar changes that occur in other animals.

Neurobiology Looks To Shed Light On Vision, Art

If you ask a child how they see, they say they open their eyes. Simple enough. But what if you ask the child what’s going on in the eye?

Art and Science: A Work in Progress

Harvard’s campus is no stranger to musical performances, but it has yet to play host to a piece that uses the human body as its score—at least, until the unveiling this Sunday of the Gigue project, which uses computer programs to measure and transform a person’s heartbeat into music.

Chemistry Researchers Bend Nanowires

A group of researchers in the lab of chemistry professor Charles M. Lieber have found a way to synthesize two- and three-dimensional versions of the microscopic strands known as nanowires—a breakthrough that researchers say may greatly increase the reach and applicability of the field by allowing scientists to design vastly more complex structures.

Urate May Help Slow Parkinson’s

High levels of uric acid are typically associated with gout, the painful condition that afflicted King Louis XVIII of France.

Putting the Patient Back Into Medicine

When Martin A. Samuels was growing up in the suburbs of Cleveland, a house call from his pediatrician J.W. Epstein was a big deal.

SEAS Dean Charts Course

Much like this month’s Faculty meeting, the first “all-hands” meeting of the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences last Friday went without cookies and coffee.