Visual Arts

Artists Discuss Activism Through Arts in Ed School Panel

Artists and activists highlighted the role of creative expression in telling stories and fostering empathy at a webinar Monday hosted by the Harvard Graduate School of Education and Harvard University Common Spaces.

Loitering 1

Professor and artist Stephen J. Prina and teaching fellow Hadi Fallahpisheh observe a student project for their class Art, Film, and Visual Studies 80: "Loitering: Studio Course."

Loitering 2

Professor and artist Stephen J. Prina and teaching fellow Hadi Fallahpisheh unpack a student’s project materials for their class Art, Film, and Visual Studies 80: "Loitering: Studio Course."

Vision and Justice

Naomi Wadler, Yara S. Shahidi '22, and Professor Robin Bernstein discuss the experiences of black children in the U.S. during a panel titled "Race, Childhood, and Inequality in the Political Realm" at a "Vision and Justice" event Friday.

Brazilian Artist Oscar Araripe’s Paintings Bloom in Leverett

Brazilian artist Oscar Araripe discussed his bright and colorful collection of paintings “Flowers for Harvard” — on display in Leverett House this week — Thursday night at Leverett Library Theater.

Creating Pottery to Destroy

Striving to meet Nakazato’s — and his own — high standards, Everard made more than 5,000 plates during his first six months of apprenticeship. Most were destroyed before they reached the kiln, and their clay was recycled for later use. Every piece that enters the kiln must be perfect.

Koji Everard

After two years at Harvard, Everard decided to return to Japan to work under master potter Taki Nakazato.

Wall of Resistance

The Wall of Resistance, co-sponsored by various organizations on campus, was unveiled on Wednesday. Students who contributed to the wall said they hope to raise awareness of the struggles that different communities face daily.

The Kings and Queens of Radcliffe

The sisters’ film project, six years in the making, emerged from one of Gabrielle Burton’s experiences: She attended a drag show starring her friend’s husband, aka Virginia West, an award-winning drag queen in Columbus, Ohio.

Harvard Works 2.0

Painted by Annie J. Liang, a former Harvard Graduate School of Design student, "Harvard Works 2.0" is a portrait series located in the Science Center about University workers.

Cameron Rowland: Inside an Artist’s Brain

On Nov. 14, the Harvard Art Museums welcomed contemporary artist Cameron Rowland to discuss some of the thoughts and history behind his work. Rowland is an American artist from Philadelphia currently living and working in Queens, New York. Rowland is known for his conceptual art, and given his use of found and readymade objects, some have come to consider him the 21st century version of the infamous artist Marcel Duchamp.

Portrait of an Artist: Susan E. Miller-Havens

When painter Susan E. Miller-Havens opened the first ever artist-operated gallery in Harvard Square earlier this fall, the development and rising rents of the Square had long been on her mind. Miller-Havens, who has two works displayed in the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery, has lived in Cambridge since 1968. Two years ago, she came face to face with a redevelopment project that made her plans for the near future inextricable from the state of the Square. Strolling among dozens of her paintings arranged salon-style at 9 JFK Street, Miller-Havens spoke to The Harvard Crimson about her gallery’s role in the Square and the challenges of her profession.

‘Common Threads: Weaving Stories Across Time’ Holds True to Its Name

Even for non-contemporary art enthusiasts, this exhibit is a must-see. Though the exhibit itself is not large, it leaves a powerful impression on the viewer that will last well beyond the walls of the museum. “Common Threads: Weaving Stories Across Time” truly lives up to its name, beautifully demonstrating how art can break barriers and connect people across time and across cultures.

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