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Residents Suffer From Burn Out, Depression

While premeds are known for often having the blues, it doesn’t look like they have much to look forward to.

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Tiny Chip Could Solve Real-World Problems

Take the dime in your wallet. Now imagine a chip no larger than a fraction of that coin that can

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Jenna M. Mellor

Even in a crowded café, Jenna M. Mellor ’08 feels comfortable talking about female genitalia, and more specifically, describing in

Asian American Studies Still Waiting for an Entrance

In 1987, Mark H. Kuo ’90 helped collect hundreds of student signatures to petition the University to hire an Asian

New Tech. Makes Sequencing Easy

Within a few years, mapping out your own genetic code may be as easy as developing film and may cost

Low Pitch Linked to Fatherhood

Men who are capable of hitting lower notes tend to father more children than their higher-pitched counterparts, according to a

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Amplify Magazine Debuts

From the confessions of a pageant participant to articles exploring lesbian identities, a new journal on gender issues made its

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Abstinence Activist, Blogger Clash on Sex

If campus sex blogger Lena Chen ’09 and True Love Revolution (TLR) President Jane M. Fredell ’09 have anything in

“Human Rights 101” Kicks Off

“The genocide in Darfur is half the situation in northern Uganda and one wonders why the world does not know

Profs Are Near Cure for ALS

Researchers at the Harvard Medical School (HMS) and Quebec’s Laval University said they are on the verge of finding a

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Barrios Talks to Law Students

Politicians should not sacrifice their values for the sake of delivering tangible results to their constituents, former Mass. State Senator