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Perfecting Pre-Term Planning

Shopping week, though not unique to Harvard, is one of our school’s hallmarks. Allowing students to try before they enroll ...


The Ghost in the Voting Machine

Last week’s close Undergraduate Council election ended with a bang: The Election Commission voted to decertify the results, prompting half ...


A Mighty Wind

Harvard’s plan has the potential to transform the way energy is produced in the entire region by helping pave the way for similar institutions to partner with regional farms as well.


Keep Watching the Watchers

Given that CCTV is here to stay, we all have a duty to ensure it continues to be used responsibly on campus and that the world follows suit.


Putting Google in Perspective

Since Google has become the standard provider for so many services, we need to remind ourselves that other, often better choices do exist.

Building a Better Internet

At the end of this month, Faculty of Arts and Sciences Information Technology will pull the plug on dial-up Internet

Bring Texting to a Standstill

This summer, the issue of texting while driving was everywhere, appearing as the subject of editorial cartoons, news stories, and

Don’t Go Hog Wild

Relax. Odds are you won’t die of swine flu, and neither will anyone you know. Ongoing research <a href=",0,36069

Stop Bashing the New Facebook

The rational part of me knows that the new HOLLIS search system is much improved <a href="http://www.thecrims

Stem the Stem Cell Debate

A week ago, Obama announced that he would lift President George W. Bush’s ban on stem cell research. The announcement

Not the Year of Our Lord

Fans of evolution have reason to celebrate. The year 2009 is both the 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles

No Recession in this Castle

November broke some economic records, like the biggest drop in same-store sales, the largest decline in home values, and the

Get a Flu Shot

Stick a needle in your arm. For my sake. Usually it’s the left shoulder, but I don’t really care as

Riding the Wave of the Future

Flying cars. Ray guns. Robots. If film and television have taught us anything about the days to come, it is

Listen Up, Mr. President

Though the president will not become a lame duck until tomorrow, hunting season has already begun. The recent economic disaster