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Voices From Beyond the Grave in Bolaño’s ‘Return’

Roberto Bolaño once expressed disdain for magical realism as a literary style. Yet, in the latest collection of stories published posthumously by the acclaimed Chilean writer, Bolaño creates worlds that stretch far beyond the realms of reality.

Turning a New Leaf

From Widener to the Web

How is Harvard's library system responding to a new era in research?

The Façade

VENICE, Italy — He’s been a glass-blower for the last ten years. Specializing in beads, he now teaches the skill

Altered Offerings Greet Freshmen

With Advising Fortnight nearly halfway over, Harvard freshman are now officially on the path to picking a concentration. But for

Gen Ed approves 16 new courses drawn almost entirely from existing offerings in the Core or departments

Sixteen courses—only one of which was newly created—were approved for Gen Ed credit at the beginning of this month. Jason

General Education Courses Still Few in Quantity

While six courses were approved for General Education credit late last month, one of the curriculum’s eight required categories now

Internet Safety Report Released

Internet safety for minors was the focus of a report released by the Berkman Center for Internet and Society last

A Post-Partisan Christianity

As the inauguration of President-elect Barack Obama approaches, every single detail of the ceremony has come under intense scrutiny from

Recruiters Target LGBT Community

On a Monday night in September, about two dozen Harvard students gathered at the Harvard Square hot spot Red Line,

White Ribbon Panel Discusses Rape

In the midst of a week devoted to stopping violence against women, organizers came together last night for a more

Students Mark National Coming Out Day

Dining halls across campus served giant rainbow-covered cakes on Saturday as part of the weekend’s celebration of National Coming Out

Superman or Common Man?

“I like that little Down syndrome kid. One of them lives down the street. They’re wonderful children. They’re wonderful people.

Summer Postcards 2008

A Walk Past the White House

WASHINGTON — A small group of kids curiously approach a poster of maimed infants entitled, “Children of the Gulf War.”

Opt Out Fee for Abortion Urged

In the past two weeks, Harvard students opened their mailboxes to find a blue “opt-out” card as part of the

Blowout Crowd at Shabbat Dinner

On Friday night, hundreds of students and faculty members were lined up outside of the Malkin Athletic Center (MAC) waiting