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Obesity Spreads Like The Flu, Study Finds

Obesity spreads much like infectious diseases, particularly with respect to individuals’ social networks, Harvard researchers say.

Ruby A. Lai '12: The Bends, Nano-Style

To properly store her delicate samples of carbon nanotubes, Ruby A. Lai ’12 spent her hot summer in Cambridge fixing a helium fridge that could cool the temperature down to a few hundredths of a degree above absolute zero.

Study Unveils Mice That ‘Smell’ Light

Researchers from Harvard and the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory have engineered a mouse that can “smell” light, which offers a novel approach to studying the science of olfaction.

Harvard Stem Cell Study Retracted

A high-profile Harvard stem cell study published earlier this year was recently retracted from the journal Nature.

Harvard Undergraduates To Build Water Turbine

A team of undergraduates will build water-turbines that use flowing ocean water to generate electricity.

HBS Professor To Lead South Asia Initiative

Harvard Business School Professor Tarun Khanna recently assumed the position of director of the University’s South Asia Initiative.

Undergrad Appears on German TV Show

For Paul Glootz ’13, a pleasant weekend trip home to the city of Magdeburg, Germany, culminated in an appearance on a live German national television show on Monday night.