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Harvard Medical School Affiliates Hold COVID-19 Briefing on Reopening Strategies for Massachusetts and Harvard

Experts from Harvard Medical School and the T.H. Chan School of Public Health discussed the state of the COVID-19 pandemic Friday, along with challenges associated with preventing new infections from skyrocketing after easing lockdown restrictions.

Harvard School of Public Health

In the wake of the novel coronavirus outbreak, Lipsitch has utilized his social media presence on Twitter to communicate about the new research around the disease, as well as implications of certain policy decisions.

As COVID-19 Pandemic Unfolds, Harvard Professors Find a New Audience Online

As many Americans seek out expert knowledge on the novel coronavirus in the midst of the pandemic, some Harvard School of Public Health and Harvard Medical School professors have taken to social media to inform the public about the virus.

At Least 500,000 Tests Needed Per Day to Reopen Economy, Harvard Researchers Say

Researchers at the Harvard Global Health Institute estimate the United States will need to perform at least 500,000 coronavirus tests per day in order to successfully reopen the economy, according to a Saturday report.

Harvard COVID-19 Researchers to Use Facebook Data for Disease Forecasting

Harvard COVID-19 researchers have partnered with Facebook to implement user location data in order to better inform disease forecasting models, according to an April 6 Facebook announcement.

Harvard School of Public Health Students Join Workforce During Pandemic

Students from Harvard School of Public Health are joining the workforce through initiatives to support both the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and Harvard University Health Services during the coronavirus pandemic.

Graduate Students Advocate for Tuition Reimbursements, Extended Health Insurance Coverage Due to Remote Learning Transition

As Harvard transitions to remote instruction due to the coronavirus crisis, graduate students across the University’s 12 schools have advocated for tuition reimbursements to compensate for the in-person components of their education they can no longer access.

Harvard Public Health Researchers Recommend 'Intermittent' Social Distancing to Combat Coronavirus

A new study conducted by Harvard researchers found that staggered intervals of social distancing could save more lives one-time social distancing guidelines.

Harvard Prof. Co-Authors Study Investigating COVID-19 Outbreak and Control Methods in Wuhan, China

A new study co-authored by Harvard School of Public Health biostatistics professor Xihong Lin elucidates how coronavirus spread in Wuhan, China and analyzes the effectiveness of non-pharmaceutical interventions — such as isolation and social distancing — in containing the outbreak.

Harvard School of Public Health

New research from Harvard School of Public Health professor Xihong Lin elucidates how coronavirus spread in Wuhan, China and analyzes the effectiveness of non-pharmaceutical interventions such as social distancing.

Harvard Medical Labs Go Dark Due to Coronavirus Pandemic

Research labs at the Harvard Medical School, Harvard School of Dental Medicine, Harvard School of Public Health, and Boston Children’s Hospital will be mothballed except for essential functions for between two weeks and two months due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

‘Few Parallels in Our History’: Harvard Schools Outline Coronavirus Contingency Plans

Administrators from across Harvard’s schools sent school-specific instructions and reassurances to students Tuesday following University President Lawrence S. Bacow’s announcement that Harvard would move to remote instruction March 23.

Harvard School of Public Health Students Host Painting Self-Care Night

Roughly 30 students from the Harvard School of Public Health gathered for a night of mental health care in the form of painting at the Longwood campus Wednesday night.

Harvard Researchers Examine Mumps Outbreak with New Genomic Data

A team of researchers at Harvard Medical School, the Broad Institute, and Harvard School of Public Health investigated the 2016-2017 mumps outbreak in Boston, finding previously unknown genetic connections between cases.

Top Harvard School of Public Health Administrator Grusby To Step Down from Three Posts

Harvard School of Public Health professor Michael J. Grusby will step down from the three top administrative posts he holds at the school at the end of the month, Dean Michelle A. Williams announced in an email to School of Public Health affiliates Friday.

Citing Toxic Culture and Administrator Departures, Harvard School of Public Health Faculty Repeatedly Weighed Voting No Confidence in Dean

On Dec. 20, 2018, around 40 faculty filtered into the Dean’s Conference Room at the Harvard School of Public Health for an unusual discussion, without the attendance of Dean Michelle A. Williams. They would soon consider taking a dramatic action in her absence: a vote of no confidence in her leadership.

Public Health Faculty Urge University to Schedule Bargaining Sessions With Union

Twenty four faculty members at Harvard’s School of Public Health have signed onto a letter in support of negotiations between Harvard’s striking graduate student union and the University.

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