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Harvard Teacher Fellows Program

Ed School senior lecturer Katherine K. Merseth, faculty director of the graduate-level Teaching Education Program pictured here in a previous lecture, contrasts the new Harvard Teacher Fellows program with Teach For America, a national nonprofit teacher organization made up of recent college graduates.

Harvard Institute of Politics holds a forum called “Campaign 2012: How Americans Will Select Their Next President,” which focus on the possiblity of a third party option in the upcoming presidential election.

Spanish chef Carme Ruscalleda discusses caramelization techniques used in her restaurant, Sant Pau, during the Science of Cooking lecture on Monday evening in the Science Center.

Lisa Stampnitzky, a Warren Fellow from Oxford University, discusses an excerpt from her book-in-progress "Disciplining Terror: How Experts and Others Created 'Terrorism'" in Robinson Hall on Monday afternoon.

Prof. Katherine K. Merseth interactively lectures on rural education before a video conference with Colorado Sen. Mike Johnston during her US in the World 35 class on Monday.