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The Delta Upsilon Fraternity’s Former Clubhouse

The all-male fraternity Delta Upsilon, from which today’s Oak Club descends, used to occupy 45 Dunster St.—now home to the all-female Bee Club. The Oak, which currently does not own a clubhouse in the Square, announced Tuesday that it would be going gender neutral this spring.

Draft Motion

Twelve professors in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences filed a motion Monday resolving that “Harvard College shall not discriminate against students on the basis of organizations they join."

Lewis Letter

In a private letter sent by Lewis on Wednesday and obtained by The Crimson, Lewis excoriated new sanctions against final clubs.

Porcellian Letter

In a letter to Dean of the College Rakesh Khurana newly-instated graduate president of the Porcellian, David T. Lawrence ’67 wrote that the club “has an important part to play in reducing sexual assault.”