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No Child Left Behind, Or Else

Given the political difficulty of mandating higher standards for schools and teachers, student accountability might be the most realistic—and perhaps the most effective—way of improving educational outcomes.

Beyond the Tax Issue

As progressive as the federal tax code already is, and as slowly as the economy is growing, any quest to raise living standards across the board should begin with reforms that are less likely to deter economic growth.

Protecting the Ballot Box

Having participated in three major elections as a Massachusetts voter, what has intrigued me most about the voting process, besides the raised eyebrows I get from Cantabrigian poll workers when they see my party affiliation, is that no personal identification is required.

Get Government Out of the Mail

This fiscal crisis has resulted not only from declining demand for conventional mail delivery, but also from the political straitjacket that prevents any government-owned enterprise from adjusting to market developments. The best way to make the Postal Service solvent is to free it from political influence, which can only be achieved by forcing it to compete with other carriers as a private firm.

It’s Just a Game

While it is difficult to draw firm conclusions about a culture as diverse as the United States, anecdotal evidence strongly implies that our country has an unhealthy obsession with sports that detracts from the education of a substantial number of high school students.

Soak the Rich

In other words, we have a President who is willing to raise taxes, even if it means lower revenues, for the sake of reducing the income of the rich. This class warfare mentality is reflected in the rhetoric he has used to defend certain tax provisions of the American Jobs Act that he introduced a couple of weeks ago.

Kidneys for Sale

To establish a functional kidney market, Congress needs to repeal the ban on compensation and establish a regulatory framework.

Raise the Roof

A few weeks ago, the White House expressed regret for then-Senator Obama’s vote against increasing the level of the federal debt limit

A Less Taxing April

While closing loopholes would make the tax code more efficient and equitable, the budget crisis demands that the new revenue be used mainly for deficit reduction.

Free to Work for Free

Any labor that directly benefits a for-profit company must be compensated even if the employee is willing to work for free.