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At HLS, a Tough Path to Public Interest

Public service law opportunities—particularly for newly minted attorneys—are limited, a discouraging reality for which the Law School has tried to prepare its students. Under pressure to secure employment and pay off loans, some students accept positions at top law firms instead of pursuing careers in government or the non-profit world.

Post-Graduation, Law School Student Government President Puts Forth a Constitution

Five months after winning on a platform to rewrite the student government constitution and resign before Commencement, President-in-Absentia Matthew P. Gelfand has completed a draft of the new constitution at last.

HLS Announces Class Day Speaker

On May 23, U.S. Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. will address Harvard Law School's graduating third-years as the Commencement Class Day Speaker. Holder, who recently led the Justice Department to vote against a voter ID law in Texas, was nominated by President Barack Obama to become the 82nd Attorney General of the U.S. in 2008. Eleven years earlier, in 1997, Holder became the first African-American to be named deputy attorney general. The Class Day Program at HLS will take place on Holmes Field, with a reception to be held afterwards.

HLS To House a Falik Bathroom

Male students, faculty, and visitors to the Law School’s new Wasserstein Hall will have the opportunity to use the newly christened “Falik Men’s Room”—a cleverly named restroom bequeathed by Harvard Law School graduate William A. Falik.

Law School Deans from Around the World Discuss Globalizing Law Education

Deans representing law schools in China, Brazil, Canada, and France gathered at Harvard Law School on Friday to discuss the pressures facing law schools to reform curricula in response to globalization.

IOP Elects New Leaders

Jenny Ye ’13 and Julia B. Konrad ’13 were elected president and vice president of the Institute of Politics, respectively, Sunday evening in the first contested race since 2008. Their ticket emphasized integrating public service with existing programs and building a community within the IOP.

TurboVote Eases Voter Registration

To combat this disconnect between activism and voting, the IOP has partnered with TurboVote, a new online voter registration service.