Zaki Djemal

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It’s a Bee-sy Time of Year Again

As we dip the apple in honey and wish each other a sweet and productive new year, we would all do well to remember that the golden goodness with which we coat our fruit is in fact the culmination of the efforts of millions of honeybees that are foraging away to produce just a few drops of nature’s sweet elixir.

Should Governments Negotiate With Terrorists?

It is unfortunate that the question of whether to negotiate with designated terrorists often comes up at moments of crisis, when governments are at their lowest point of leverage.

We Are the Crimson Coalition

It is commonly believed around our campus that the UC has untapped potential and can do more. We want to show you how that can finally be achieved through your participation in this election.

A Call for Civil Discourse

Any program, conference, or contest that engages in the debate over Israel and Palestine must challenge itself to change the old paradigms and find new ways to engage with these issues.