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Faust and Fossil Fuels

I’m not expecting any public miracles from Faust. It makes perfect sense that the University’s financial caretakers wish to do exactly that—take care of its finances. But let it not seem as if there were any moral greyness about this decision; the right thing to do here is in no way unclear.

The Internet is Yours, So Protect It

You’ve grown up with the internet, developed alongside it, and stored a significant amount of your lives on it. And now you know that they, the NSA, are collecting your stuff, your information—not rightfully theirs, but rightfully yours.

Undoing Due Process

This newly claimed assassination power is only the most recent (and most egregious) in a series of executive overreaches committed in the name of fighting terror.

The Modern Symphony

Indeed, it only supports a wider truth I have come to know over the last few months: Electronic dance music is the new classical.

Our Very Own Campaign of Terror

The US needs to significantly reform its use of drones in the region, if not completely abolish it.