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Beware the Celebrity

I unliked Cory Booker on Facebook a few weeks ago. It just felt too disingenuous to follow his page and see the various inspirational posts of the day, knowing that I was no longer quite sure what to think of them. I got too caught up with the superhero mystique to look a bit deeper and wait before latching on to a fad.

Who Watches the Watchmen

To improve accountability and reduce the number of tragedies, it is essential to videotape police actions as often as possible—indeed, one of the great benefits of this modern media is the powerful transparency it can offer the public.

Why Divestment Fails

But divestment is not a real answer.

Reforming the American Dream

Unless you’re among the one percent of America that is Native American, then immigration policy has fundamentally changed your life (after all, you live here now).

Eat, Pay, Live

BOSTON—Life has been prodding me in the general direction of "adulthood" for some time now. Sometimes it even succeeds. After all, I’m already like 19—and what better assurance of adult status could I have than the knowledge that I’m only two years away from legally purchasing alcohol?

My Boston First World Problems

Of course, as a helpless Boston resident, my options for transit are walk, bike, bus, or T. I ultimately decided on the bike—it seemed like what all the cool kids were doing (and besides, I’ve needed a bike ever since I found out I got Quad-ed).

I've seen the traffic get a lot worse than this. And I've seen people bike much closer than this.

Life Across the River...the Charles River

You may find this kind of funny especially if you have previously met me, arguably the definitional opposite of what we might call a “frat bro”. The word “frat” itself carries certain connotations ap that register imediately in people’s minds (Dartmouth?). But living at PLP has actually been pretty chill and pretty awesome, for lack of less vague terminology.