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CS50 Llamas

"But the stardom and spectacle certainly aren’t limited to the celebritized teaching staff and the class’s internet presence; it’s at the core of the course itself. In fact, it’s difficult to cite a CS50 event that doesn’t involve a sensory overload with mountains of food, flashing lights, and blasting Top 40 music."

CS50 Winklevoss

""Over the years I sort of realized that I could reach out to our friends at Facebook and Google and college friends of mine who were in tech companies,' Malan says."

CS50 Rob Ford

"According to Bill, who characterizes Malan as self-promotional, his grading policies were often opaque and had little rhyme or reason. Bill said that when Malan was evaluating a group project, he did not look at the content of their code, but rather based grades on the short presentations of their projects."