Nick F. Barber

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Buried Alive: Solitary Confinement in a Louisiana Prison

He has been free for 366 days. He spent the prior 15,695 days in solitary confinement. Those forty-three years marked the longest that any man had ever spent in such conditions.

​Taking Time Off: In Search of a Messy Path

The Harvard bubble has obfuscating powers.

The Answer Is American History

The cold, hard truth of a college’s racial history is always there. It is built into the structures in which black and brown students live.

Our Harvard Moment

The question then becomes: Can our individual moments of realization become a collective one? Our Harvard moment.

Not One More

The moral imperative of anger, empathy, and action transcend political calculations and the seeming psychological necessity of indifference.

The Hashtag Activist

If we need to have a discussion about tactics, then let’s have that discussion. But let’s have that discussion by putting forth the kind of activism that we want to see.

Our Liberalism Problem

Liberalism ain’t what it used to be—collectivism is out and individuality is in.

Sink or Swim

I’m a Peer Advising Fellow who desperately needs advising himself.

Trying to Make Sense of a Senseless Tragedy

Brown’s untimely death is the kind of tragedy that leaves you without words, and the kind that makes you sure any words you can find—to say, to post on Facebook, to tweet, to Instagram—will not be enough.

Struggling with Privilege

Discomfort at Harvard comes in many different forms. But the main source of my own has come from class, privilege, and wealth.