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White House Visits and Rebel Flags

One can debate ad nauseam whether refusing to stand for the national anthem or declining an invitation to the White House is an appropriate mode of protest, or whether failing to take such a stand signals complicity in injustice. What is undeniable is that the injustices prompting these actions are real and that progress against them is stagnating.

Institutions in Crisis

Two events of the past week, however, should remind us just how fragile the institutional foundations of this progress are.

Losing Less Religion

The Constitution guarantees that our schools do not impose religious beliefs on students. It ought not prevent them from learning about the great cultural productions of human history to the fullest extent possible.

In Defense of the Administrative State

The administrative state may seem obtuse, but it is at the core of our experiment in self-government. Crude and craven attacks on it should inspire nothing but contempt and resistance.

Return of the Empire, and of History

History, it seems, just won’t end in the galaxy far, far away, to the glee of moviegoers everywhere. For better or for worse, it won’t in this galaxy either—so we’d better do our best to understand it.

Yea, Nay, or Meh?

Electing leaders “who will exercise their conscientious judgment” to protect “the real good of the rest of the community” remains the basic imperative of American democracy.

The Devil You Know

A better sense of history might have saved the Obama administration from the ignominious failure of the New Syrian Forces.

A Caucus Divided Against Itself

Today’s House Republican caucus has worse problems than its 1990s predecessor, in areas far more serious than its generation of sexual rumors.