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When the runners of the 45th crossed the line, we were glad the race had happened, but mostly we were glad it was over. We did what mattered. We finished.

When We Lose a Journalist

When we think of the news, the press, and the media, we see them in the abstract—as institutions rather than as individual men and women. This summer, we were reminded of reality.

Differently Abled by Design

Everyday symbols—notably the ISA—perpetuate ableism as well. Ramps, parking spots, restrooms, and doors therefore reflect an image that represents the disabled. The Accessible Icon Project, driven by a desire for a more progressive understanding of persons of different ability, takes note of this fact and criticizes the ISA on several counts.

What Is a Student-Athlete?

Treating college athletes as employees would alter the way colleges interact with them, only exacerbating the cultural divide between student and “student-athlete.”