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This Is My Wall

Praying with Women of the Wall showed me that women can speak up within religious spaces, and that’s okay. It’s more than okay. It’s good. It’s desirable. Praying with WoW helped me claim the Wall, and by extension all spaces of prayer, as my own.

These Pogroms Are Personal

It is imperative to raise awareness of what’s happening in France and Israel, and to vehemently oppose the senseless violence. Shtika k’hoda’ah–silence is like praise–the rabbis of old said. Their wisdom is just as relevant today. We must speak up now, to show that we do not stand with the terrorists of Europe and Gaza, to show that we will not stand for violence against the innocent.

Hobby Lobby and Me

The statehouse is supposed to be a secular institution that does not interfere with religious issues, and it’s unfortunate that the Supreme Court forgot about this.

Understanding Santa Barbara

Misogyny kills. As college students living in a world where a quarter of our female friends will experience sexual assault, this lesson is doubly important.