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Shayla B. Partridge

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World AIDS Day and the Tragic Politics of Health

Although HIV/AIDS may feel like a crisis of the past, 37 million people depend on bilateral funding for treatment and prevention. Their lives cannot depend on the conceits of one politician in the Oval Office.

Join the March for Science

We write not only to professors of the natural sciences, because a threat to any science is a threat to truth and the fundamental processes of research and knowledge dissemination.

Weeping Over Widener

This is the saddest part: That we mourn heavily for a week or two and subsequently get distracted by the business of daily life on campus.

Down With Success

Perhaps the biggest choice we must make is what success means to us, and if ‘success’ is even an idea we want to subscribe to.

Markey Missing the Mark on Ending AIDS

As the funding crisis grows more serious, Markey stands uniquely positioned to help.