Kyle R. Whelihan

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Good Cop, Bad Cop

This country is obviously filled with well-meaning, law-abiding officers who spend their days making their communities safer. They are not and have never been the problem at hand. It’s those who go about their duties filled with prejudice, anger, and massive superiority complexes that have fueled America’s police officer problem.

The “Some” of Its Parts

Being an ally and acknowledging your role as part of the “all” is crucial to the demarginalization of minority groups.

A Hot and Bothered Letter

There is weight in the words you let loose into the air. There is power in the connections they have to the past.

The Misconception of Political Correctness

The paradox, of course, is that registering a hypersensitive complaint with the office of wow-why-would-you-say-something-like-that leaves you wide open for the exact kind of return argument that I’m refuting: being told not to be so offended by something offensive.