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Roe is the Canary in the Coal Mine

As some conservatives look forward to challenging rights based in the now-eroded Fourteenth Amendment — such as the right to contraception and marriage equality — it becomes clear that Roe is the canary in a coal mine full of gaseous misogyny.

The World Beyond the Bubble

As graduating students leave the shadows of the Harvard bubble, we urge them never to return as undergraduates. Remain alert, alive, awake; protest what you oppose and champion what you cherish. Speak up, write at length, and confront difficult questions head-on. Let every blunder be a path to a more thorough understanding of reality.

The Legacy of Slavery at Harvard

As Harvard continues to reckon with its racist elements past and present, student input is key. A committee of student leaders and activists would be able to speak personally about how Harvard can actively support Black and Indigenous students. The Legacy of Slavery report has provided a solid scholarly foundation: Students will provide a personal perspective.

A Generation Adrift?

Harvard’s money and expertise provide an opportunity to help not only our own students but countless others who would benefit from our research. We have the power not only to help those directly afflicted but to serve a nation that will one day depend on a generation now adrift. We must exercise that power. Lives depend on it.

Problematic Proctoring

We want to make one thing clear: This is a labor issue, a labor trend even. Time and time again, when push comes to shove and Harvard faces economic difficulty, it is those with the least institutional power that must pick up the slack. This systematic undervaluing of lower-paid, less “prestigious” labor is unjust and wide-ranging. It’s by no means the first time that Harvard has failed to treat its workers fairly.

In Support of Boycott, Divest, Sanctions and a Free Palestine

We do not take this decision lightly. BDS remains a blunt approach, one with the potential to backfire or prompt collateral damage in the form of economic hurt. But the weight of this moment — of Israel’s human rights and international law violations and of Palestine’s cry for freedom — demands this step. As a board, we are proud to finally offer our unqualified support for Palestinian liberation and in support of BDS — and we call on everyone to do the same.

Yardfest, Visitas, and the Return of Traditions

To the Class of 2026, our first in-person Visitas class in years, we encourage you to take note of these traditions wherever you notice them. Cherish them. Practice them. Soon, they will be yours to pass on.

On Bridging a Harvard Education

Although there is a lot to be done to address education inequality at Harvard and beyond, programs such as TAP and the Bridge program are a step in the right direction. Harvard should take as much pride in such initiatives as it does in others. This is the Harvard we are proud of.

Harvard, Stick to Your Word in Allston

We’re glad to see Harvard taking strides in the right direction, and we hope to see more in the future. More apparency of the Ed Portal’s accessibility for Allston residents who may be turned off by the Harvard name. More financial investment in the program. More student involvement. And most importantly, more inclusion of those who call Allston home.