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Student Activists at Harvard

Activists, Keep Putting the Heat on Harvard

The challenges we face at Harvard and beyond its gates are immense. Harvard should recognize and celebrate the energy that protesters bring in demanding solutions. We support students and activists.

Winthrop House

Building a More Robust, Equitable House System

In light of the elevated tension within these House communities, we are compelled to ask: What role do the Houses play in the undergraduate experience? How can House administrations ensure that this role is a positive one?

What Admission to Harvard Means

What Admission to Harvard Really Means

We need to ask ourselves what admission to Harvard means in terms of its criteria and its purpose. Is admission just another award bestowed on elite applicants, or is it more? We believe it must be the latter.

Sociology Department

For the Sake of the Humanities

This attack on sociology and philosophy is not only a marker of Brazil’s current political climate, but also bears enormous consequences for the battle against the humanities and social sciences taking place in the United States.

HMS Gordon Hall

High Time for Marijuana Research

Harvard has hit the green with this donation — as marijuana use becomes more widespread, research in this under-studied field becomes increasingly important.


More Details Needed in New Title IX Reporting System

As the University designs and releases the program, it should take seriously the concerns of students and support groups, in addition to examining analogous programs at other schools.

Harvard Management Company

In Support of Fossil Fuel Divestment

Listening to our peers and reflecting on our values as a Board has led us to conclude that our past perspectives have become increasingly dated — not because they were misguided — but because symbols matter.

A Conversation with Sruthi and Julia

The UC’s ‘Great Reform’ Misses the Mark

The fact that debate over this constitutional technicality occupied the UC’s attention for a week is uncommonly silly, not to mention disappointing.

University Hall

Charge Fees Responsibly

While we support efforts to promote programming and opportunities for student collective enjoyment, we continue to be troubled by the optionality of the fee, as well as the limited extent to which the University publicizes it.

El Jefe's Taqueria

Axle Developers Show Initiative

We applaud the founders of Axle for taking matters into their own hands and challenging the notion that students are too young or ignorant to shake up the business world.

University Health Services

Healthcare Literacy in the Wake of HUHS Changes

HUHS should use this opportunity to reflect on how little many students may know about health insurance, personal health management, and the benefits they do and do not have access to.


Mansfield and the Politics of Disinvitation

Mansfield’s disinvitation, while from another institution, presents an opportunity for Harvard to meditate on how it goes about providing platforms for different speakers and how those choices reflect the sentiments of its community.

University Hall

Full Transparency, Full Equality

We will not be satisfied until all female faculty members — tenured, associate, assistant, and instructor — are making one dollar for every dollar earned by male faculty.

Agassiz House

Your Harvard Opportunity

As you meet your future classmates and marvel at the similarities and differences of your experiences, remember: You are diverse, you are talented, and you belong here.

Graduate School of Education

Those Who Can Teach, Should

We are encouraged to see the success of the Harvard Teacher Fellows program, which has addressed an important and necessary gap in the pre-professional resources this campus does offer.