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Advanced Placement or the (Other) Devil We Know

Though we recognize the College Board and its offerings as flawed, we still see value in a rigorous curricular option for high-school students administered by a non-governmental organization.

A Flourishing Diversity of Faith

The Harvard Crimson released results from its annual survey of the incoming first year class. Tucked away in the “Politics & Beliefs” corner of the survey lies an oft-overlooked yet important barometer of student diversity: religious belief.

Harvard Says It’s Going Green. How Much Is Hot Air?

According to its latest annual sustainability report, Harvard’s net greenhouse gas emissions held constant for the seventh consecutive year in 2022. While these figures indicate progress, Harvard needs to clear the air regarding how much.

Defending Speech When Speaking Is Hard

Should Harvard fail to respond to this assault, it will announce to the world that, with enough money, with enough effort, the powerful can silence its students at will. Should Harvard fail to defend free speech now, when speaking is hardest, it will invite a future in which we are afraid to speak at all.

Links Beyond Linking Groups

For now, while we object to Harvard’s procedure, we hope this decision on linking will be an opportunity to thoughtfully probe our friendships, and imagine the possibilities they open for flourishing — outside just one House or neighborhood.

Faculty Aren’t Therapists

The best place for students to seek mental health help will never be faculty themselves. In college, we have teachers to teach us, and counselors to counsel us. Sticking to those roles allows each piece of our campus to work smoothly in a functioning whole.

A Better Student Government Is on the Board

If the HUA aims to actually represent the student body, it needs to figure out how to raise response rates on its referenda to a number of voters that isn’t comparable to the word count of a staff editorial.