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Cruz, Mast, Stefanik: All We Should Not Be

Part of what drove us to this point — part of why a cornerstone of American democracy found itself collapsed by violence — was the lack of sharp, unambiguous censure of the president's conduct by elected officials and social media platforms. So let us be perfectly clear: we unequivocally condemn the insurrection and its perpetrators.

Hope Springs Eternal

We’re no doubt worried about what’s to come — we’ve still got a tough way to go. But on balance, the College has done a solid job — in the material of its plan and the specificity of its communication.

Politics Is Personal — Expect It

Our classrooms are part of a broader world, and the conversations we have in them bear on that world and the lives we carry into them from outside. There is no pure space of ideas, no space where we can just toss around ideas without regard for their implications.

Cambridge Businesses Need Help

Bold, effective government intervention — featuring both health-oriented restrictions and substantial economic support for affected businesses — could address our twin crises, keeping Americans safe and economically afloat.

Accountability Guidelines Should Apply to All

Creating standards for who Harvard should hire or invite — regardless of who they are or who they support — would safeguard against impropriety among those who are allowed to distribute knowledge under the banner of “Veritas.”

Relieve Student Debt

Relieving student debt, no matter how large an amount, won’t solve the underlying financial inequities of higher education. Meaningful institutional change needs to follow that would reconsider how we value and finance education.

This Time, Harvard Listens To Student Activists

The need to protect students and the entire community from the threat of COVID-19 is pressing, and the compact’s enforcement of basic social distancing requirements are necessary. But social distancing enforcement should not be policing.

To Support Workers, Harvard Should Bite the Fiscal Bullet

Harvard will have to continue to make sacrifices — perhaps some of the biggest in its history — to support its community. That’s going above and beyond, but that excellence is what we expect of this institution.

Unpacking Opposition To Legal Cannabis

Attempts to block the opening of cannabis stores now is clearly an attempt to circumvent the will of the people. Those who want to voice their opposition to cannabis markets are four years too late.