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One Thousand Backpacks Remind Us to Hold Each Other Close

So in all of our relationships — peer-to-peer, student-to-professor, Crimson-editor-to-Crimson-editor — let’s reach out and revel in providing the support we couldn’t virtually. Let’s not only send silence packing, but speak louder about how we want our revitalized campus community to prioritize our own and each other’s well-being.

Trust, Transparency, and the Troublesome Workings of Tenure

Trust and transparency are deficient in the FAS’s tenure system. While this report declares that the aspects of the process within its purview to investigate are structurally sound, as long as the final ad hoc committee with the true decision-making power remains completely opaque, it will be impossible to restore faith in the system.

Striking a Better Deal

The decisions posed by the strike put all of us in a delicate situation. Undergraduates stand to suffer from both underpaid, overworked instructors and from the absence of their teaching fellows and course assistants. Self-interest aside, we hope undergraduates are rooting for a surprise sidestep of a strike not just because they wish to evade disruption to their own academics, but because they’re invested in graduate student workers' fight for a better contract.

Mass. Shouldn’t Let Angry Parents Decide School Mask Rules

Lawful avenues for parents to express their discontent with masking provide an important alternative to the indefensible options of threats or harassment increasingly lobbied at school boards. Still, public health policy must be directed by doctors, scientists, and public health officials — not the mob.

Extending Our Gratitude to the Extension School

As students at the College, we have gained much from the presence of the Extension School and its students, and we still have much to learn from them. In the past, our Editorial Board has not been as appreciative as we ought to be of what is a beautiful and crucial part of the Harvard community.

Fraternities and the Art of Predatory Gatekeeping

College students across the U.S. deserve better options. We deserve, more specifically, to be able to access a fun, even raucous, nightlife without subjecting ourselves to gendered objectification and predatory behavior. Our peers at fraternities need to do better; we need to do better. The schools that house us must acknowledge that, though eliminating fraternities has proven impracticable, we still need better options for our Saturday nights. Institutions of higher education nationwide, still outsmarted by these brotherhoods, should be putting their heads together to get us there.

Nobel Peace Prize Rightly Applauds A Threatened Free Press

This Nobel season, Oslo has left us to chew on the importance of a free press, and called attention to the ratcheting threat to democracy and journalists worldwide. Amidst this darkness, Maria Ressa and Dmitry Muratov shine a light.

In Defense of Free Speech

For the sake of our mission as a university, free speech must be protected here — and really, if anyone bothered to read them, that is what the current guidelines already tell us to do.

Graduate Student Union Strike Authorization is a Warning Alarm

We must remember that teachers’ working conditions — or in this case, teaching fellows’ working conditions — are students’ learning conditions. How we treat our graduate student workers will be reflected in how they can approach their research and classroom responsibilities: We must be generous.