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In Support of the Palaniappan-Huesa Ticket

The ticket's emphasis on communication promises to make the greatest impact on the undergraduate body next year.

Science Center

Statistics Department Should Further Its Lead in Including Women

The Statistics Department should continue using tools like cross-faculty hiring to continue bolstering female representation in its advising network.

William F. Lee

Preparing for the Worst

No matter how alumni might feel about the Harvard admission trial, we hope they will continue supporting current students.

Harvard Medical School

Against the Attempts of Transgender Erasure

Although the University should be judicious in addressing political issues, it should speak out about policies that could pose a danger to members of the Harvard community.

GSAS's Dudley House

More Information Needed on Dudley Community

Graduate students are an integral part of the Harvard community. The University should make sure they feel included on campus.

Langdell Hall

In Favor of the Caselaw Access Project

We commend the Law School for making this massive trove of legal information available to the Harvard community and the public at large.

Quincy House Voting

Today, Elect to Vote

Use the power of the critical thinking skills we develop here at Harvard to spend meaningful time considering the various issues on our ballots.

HKS New Campus

The Kennedy School Must Do More to Diversify

Harvard must recognize the influence that it wields over our future leaders and be held accountable for the compositions of its classrooms.


A Good-Faith Effort

Despite the presence of unfortunate imperfections in the admissions process, the College is making a strong effort to give each student a fair, holistic review.

Saudi Crown Prince on Campus

Harvard Must Make Saudi Ties Public

Harvard must publicly condemn the killing of Khashoggi and critically assess its relationship with the Saudi regime.

Trans Rights Rally 1

Vote Yes on Ballot Question 3

Question 3 attempts to politicize the experiences of transgender individuals, and we must unequivocally condemn this behavior.


Vote Yes on Ballot Question 2

Our democracy cannot be equitable when the instruments of power are controlled by a few wealthy families and operated for their own personal gain.


Vote No on Ballot Question One

For a proper discussion around the important issue of nurse-patient ratios in Massachusetts hospitals, vote no on Ballot Question One.

H-Y Ticket Resale

A Free-Market Defense of Letting Harvard-Yale Be

University administration should not be surprised that students are selling their tickets and complain when it caused the problem in the first place.

PE: Rally March DefendDiversity

Keeping Diversities in Balance

The Admissions Office should not use one form of diversity to belittle another. Students deserve better than that.