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Will H. MacArthur

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Harvard Square is Our Business

Consumption choices are a reflection of buyers’ values, and Harvard Square is largely a reflection of such choices made by Harvard students.


Cambridge Police Can’t Police Themselves

The playbook for Cambridge’s response to Friday’s events will be predictable because Cambridge police have used excessive force on people of color before.


Message in a Bottle

The responsibility for reducing single-use plastic bottle consumption on campus lies largely with students, and the incoming freshmen whom HSA targets for water subscriptions can play a pivotal role.


Don’t Let Cambridge Get Into Its Zone

In accepting the benefits of Cambridge's universities, the city also accepts an obligation to meet the housing demand of the workers at these institutions.


PILOT-ing a New Way Forward for Harvard

Bacow’s new administration has an opportunity to set an example of a true “model for town-gown relations."


Public Interested

Harvard students have a lot to contribute to Cambridge, but what’s needed isn’t wisdom, motivation, or any other personal quality.


Building Bridges Between Harvard and Cambridge

Harvard has shaped Cambridge just as Cambridge has shaped Harvard, and both communities need to understand this in order to move forward.