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Daniel Kim

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On the Offensiveness of the Rising Sun Flag

I was left in shock by the blatant disregard for Japan’s crimes against humanity that the History Department demonstrated in allowing this image to be used in promotional materials.

The Value of an Imperfect Harvard

Will we choose to neglect the injustices around us because we think engaging with them would negatively impact us, or will we be vigilant and vocal?

Why I Call Myself a Feminist

The world is problematic, and it is just not right for men to sit back and continue the unjust social structure that discriminates against women.

Harvard Should Admit More International Students

Harvard’s international students are definitely capable of making positive impacts on the world with their college education. So why not give more foreign students a chance?

Lost in Transformation

What is ironic is that although we worry a lot about our future plans, our lives are so busy that we rarely have time to stop and think about the future.

Making the Most of Harvard

We all struggle with our academic and career choices at Harvard, but the need to get a good job after graduation should not dominate our time in college.