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Coronavirus Disrupts Writing, Research for Harvard Faculty on Leave

While the novel coronavirus pandemic has uprooted the lives of many faculty working on campus this year — forcing them to switch to remote teaching and ramp down laboratory research — it has also disrupted the work of many faculty currently on leave.

Harvard Faculty Say Coronavirus-Prompted Grading Change Will Level Academic Playing Field

Several Harvard faculty said they believe the College’s universal satisfactory-unsatisfactory grading system announced Friday afternoon will level the playing field and take pressure off students during the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Non-Tenure-Track Harvard Faculty Call For Appointment Extensions Due to COVID-19

After Harvard offered many of its tenure-track faculty one-year contract extensions last week due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, several non-tenure-track faculty members argued the University should also extend the time caps on their appointments.

Subcontracted Guards Decry Lack of Comparable Emergency Benefits to Harvard Employees After Coronavirus Closes Campus Facilities

Subcontracted security guards at Harvard say they have not been guaranteed the same emergency compensation benefits as the University’s direct-hire employees, even as some guards report losing work and pay following the closure of many campus facilities in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Harvard Online: Inside Courses’ Rapid, Improvised Transition to Remote Learning

Some teaching fellows said the transition to remote learning will transform the structure of their course and their style of teaching; others said their class will function more or less as usual.

Graduate School Admissions Processes Affected by COVID-19

Allowing Harvard hopefuls some reprieve as the world grapples with the novel coronavirus pandemic, several of the University’s graduate schools have adjusted their admissions programming and application processes following the shutdown of many campus operations.