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With Full Union Proposal, Harvard Now Considering Economic Contract Provisions

University negotiators are now considering the full set of economic proposals outlined by Harvard’s graduate student union for its first contract — including issues such as wages and benefits — according to University spokesperson Jonathan L. Swain.

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Grad Student Union Rallies for Third-Party Arbitration, Petitions Harvard President Bacow

Harvard’s graduate student union delivered a petition to Massachusetts Hall during a rally attended by more than 150 supporters — including Cambridge City Councillors and members of labor unions across Massachusetts — Wednesday.

Extension School Layoffs
College Administration

Union Initiates Grievance Procedures for Laid-off Workers, Alleges Contract Violation by Harvard

Harvard’s largest union initiated grievance procedures on behalf of several Harvard Division of Continuing Education employees who were laid off last week as part of the division’s efforts to make use of similar Faculty of Arts and Sciences personnel instead.

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Some Longwood Securitas Officers Face Non-Disciplinary Transfers, Lose Shifts

When Arlene Yarde, a full-time Securitas guard at Harvard Medical School, was called into her supervisor’s office two years ago to discuss a tweet she had posted, she could not anticipate the upheaval that would follow their conversation.

Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
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Securitas Fires Guard Who Alleged Retaliation

The letter of termination claims that Bartuah’s behavior violated several company policies including leaving his post without “proper relief,” falsifying company records, and engaging in “carelessness or negligence in the performance of an assigned duty,” as well as other violations.

Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

Harvard Security Guard Alleges Retaliation, Files Complaint

School of Public Health security guard Joseph G. Bartuah filed a complaint with the Massachusetts State Attorney General’s Office earlier this month, alleging his supervisors at Securitas, which provides security services for the University, retaliated against him after he raised workplace concerns to them.

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Two Harvard Unions Prepare for Another Attempt at Merger

Three years ago, when two of Harvard’s unions proposed a merger, talks with the University fell through. Now, the unions – one the largest union at Harvard, and the other one of the smallest – are preparing to reopen their case.


Graduate Student Union Organizers-Turned-Negotiators Learn to Bargain

When representatives from Harvard’s newly-formed graduate student union sat down in front of the University’s negotiators in their first bargaining session last October, they brought to the meeting enthusiasm for their cause, an ambitious list of 80 bargaining goals, and a set of democratic negotiating principles framing leadership as shared among the entire team.


Among Harvard’s Unions, Working Together Helps Everyone 'Win More'

After helping the Harvard Graduate Students Union - United Automobile Workers win a seat at the bargaining table last year, leaders of other campus labor organizations now hope that the graduate students’ new contract can pioneer provisions that will benefit their own workers in the future.

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Harvard Students Attend Patriots Championship Parade

More than one million fans, including several Harvard students, flocked to downtown Boston Tuesday to welcome home their Super Bowl-winning New England Patriots. Many of them skipped classes and put their studies on hold in the hopes of catching a glimpse of the Patriots players.

Harvard Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study

Labor Leader and Rights Advocate Dolores Huerta to Receive Radcliffe Medal

Prominent labor leader and civil rights activist Dolores C. Huerta will receive this year’s Radcliffe Medal, the highest honor given by the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study. It is given annually to an individual committed to “excellence, inclusion, and social impact."


Harvard Proposes Student Workers Be Allowed to Choose Whether to Join Union

Harvard negotiators proposed that student workers retain the right to choose whether or not to join the University’s newest union and pay union dues in a bargaining session with Harvard Graduate Student Union - United Automobile Workers, a provision that would be unique among Harvard’s union contracts.

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'Not Just a One-Way Street:' Harvard Partners With Local High Schools

For some local students, Harvard programs have given them a glimpse of research and academics on a college campus. Some students from groups underrepresented on college campuses say the experience of working with Harvard students and faculty influenced their academic plans.


Harvard and Its Graduate Union Reach Two Agreements After Months of Deadlock

After months of contract negotiations, Harvard’s student union and the University reached tentative agreements on accessibility to employment records and resources for professional development Wednesday, union bargaining committee members wrote in an email Thursday.

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Government Shutdown Could Delay Some Postdoc Fellows’ Funding

Come February, some Harvard researchers might not receive their paychecks on time because of the ongoing partial federal government shutdown.