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Harvard Law School

What Happens Next with Title IX: DeVos’s Proposed Rule, Explained

Here’s what we know so far about the rule’s future and how universities will be expected to comply.

Gutman Library

Harvard Receives $10 Million Grant for Rural Education Research

The grant establishes the new National Center for Rural Education Research Networks at Harvard, which aims to “build the capacity of rural school districts and supporting state agencies to use their own data to improve the education of their students.”

Massachusetts Hall, Fall 2017

New Title IX Regulations May Reshape Harvard’s Handling of Sexual Misconduct

The proposal provides a new framework for implementing Title IX, such as allowing colleges to pick which standard of evidence to use in sexual misconduct cases.

DOJ and Yale

Yale Joins Harvard as Target of Federal Probe Into Alleged Discrimination Against Asian-Americans

Yale University — like Harvard — is now the subject of a Department of Justice probe into whether the school discriminates against Asian-American applicants in its admissions process.

Arne S. Duncan
Men's Basketball

Obama Education Secretary Criticizes Trump Administration's Record on Education

The former secretary of education and Harvard Basketball alumnus shared his insights about the present state of American education at the IOP Tuesday night.

Division of Continuing Education
Department of Education

Division of Continuing Education

The Division of Continuing Education has expanded its online course catalog in recent years.

Massachusetts Hall

Harvard Facing Three Federal Title IX Investigations

Harvard is facing two previously unreported federal investigations into its compliance with anti-sex discrimination Title IX.

Yasmin Sachee
Undergraduate Council

UC Expresses ‘Disappointment’ with Harvard Response To Title IX Changes

The Undergraduate Council expressed “disappointment” with Harvard’s decision not to officially take a stance on the Deptartment of Education’s changing federal Title IX guidelines.

Venn Diagram: Betsy DeVos vs. Bottle of Voss

Venn Diagram: Betsy DeVos vs. Bottle of Voss

Silent Protest

Hundreds Protest Education Secretary DeVos at IOP

DeVos visited campus to talk with students and invited guests in a forum titled “A conversation on empowering parents” hosted by the Institute of Politics.

Law School Library
Harvard Law School

Law School Faculty Call for Title IX Sexual Assault Policy Changes

In a memo to the Department of Education, the faculty members push for revisions of Obama-era Title IX standards that govern how universities respond to campus sexual harassment and assault..

Closing the Achievement Gap

Closing the Achievement Gap

Graduate School of Education Professors Susan Moore Johnson and Katherine K. Merseth discuss Massachusetts’ charter school ballot measure as Harvard Foundation members Nuha Saho ’18 and Brenda Esqueda ’20 look on. The panel discussion on equity and access in education was hosted by the Harvard Foundation Tuesday night.

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College Administration

Investigating Harvard Admissions: The 1990 Education Department Inquiry

​As a lawsuit alleging discrimination in Harvard’s admissions practices remains delayed—awaiting a Supreme Court decision on the related affirmative action case Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin—the College’s use of race as a factor in admissions decisions has once again come under scrutiny.

Drew G. Faust

After Survey, Determined Faust Promises Conversation and Seeks Change

“We have a huge amount of work to do and we need to change this culture and these kinds of realities," University President Drew G. Faust told a packed lecture hall on Monday.

Controversial Conversations
Harvard Law School

In New York, Law School's Jeannie Suk Debates Title IX

“What campuses are doing under pressure from the Department of Education is hurting the cause of gender equality,” the professor argued.