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Family Portrait

Meet Harvard’s Professor-Activist Power Couple

As activism on Harvard’s campus proliferates during the Trump presidency, Ahmed Ragab and Soha Bayoumi represent models of a new politically engaged professor.

Malala at the IOP

Former Ambassador Samantha Power Discusses Human Rights at Harvard's IOP

Power emphasized “three of the major cross-cutting issues” that she sees as the most impactful for human rights in the coming years: the global democratic recession, the proliferation of technology, and the rise of China.

Ames Final Round Watch
Harvard Law School

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor Judges Moot Court Competition at Harvard Law School

The competition, founded in 1911, tests law students’ skills in appellate brief writing and advocacy. Tuesday night marked the second time Sotomayor judged the contest.


Forty Percent of Respondents to IOP Youth Poll 'Likely' to Vote in Midterms

Forty percent of respondents to an Institute of Politics poll of 18- to 29- year olds said they are likely to cast a ballot in the midterm elections in one week, and 26 percent said they approve of President Donald Trump’s performance in office.

Harvard-Yale Tickets
On Campus

Spike in Harvard-Yale Ticket Scalping Spurs Rebuke from Resident Deans

So many students have tried to resell their tickets to the Harvard-Yale football game this year — a violation of Athletics Department policy — that some resident deans are now admonishing undergrads over internal email lists.

Millenials and the Future of American Politics

Young Politicians at Harvard IOP Have a Message for Millennials: It's ‘Time for a Change’

The panel, entitled “Millennials and the Future of American Politics,” featured five state and local public officials who discussed their experiences and difficulties navigating politics at a young age.